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Does your child sometimes struggle with feeling sad, nervous, or angry? We are looking for families to participate in a research study on sleep in kids. We are looking for kids between the ages of 8-12.

Both a parent and a child will complete two in-person assessments in our lab on MSU's main campus that will include a brief interview, questionnaires, and play several games. During these games we will monitor your child's heart rate and ask them to wear a special cap that records their brain activity. Children will also be asked to wear a special wrist watch that measures sleep for one week and keep a "feelings diary", and to complete one night of sleep monitoring at home. Kids and a parent will answer questions again online about their feelings 6 and 12 months later.

Families will be reimbursed up to $175 for their time and will receive a detailed report on their child's mental health and sleep patterns. Kids will also have the opportunity to win small prizes during the study.

For more information, please contact Dr. Cara Palmer at or 406-994-3808.

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We are currently recruiting families with teens ages 10-17 throughout Montana for two different studies to learn more about the factors that promote or prevent healthy sleep. Participation can occur virtually.

One study asks teens and parents to complete interviews and questionnaires about their teen's mental health and sleep, and teens will undergo one week of sleep monitoring, and will keep a sleep and feelings diary. Families will be compensated $120 for their time.

The other study includes one brief interview with teens and a parent, and some questionnaires. Families will be compensated $25. 

Families can participate in one or both  studies. 

To learn more, contact Ashleigh Hilton at


We are currently conducting a study with MSU students that investigates how sleep relates to positive experiences. Participants spend two nights in our comfortable apartment-style living space on MSU’s campus and complete a battery of lab-based tasks. Please email for more information.

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Dr. Palmer is leading a meta-analysis on the growing number of experimental studies that have been conducted on sleep and emotional experiences. More information can be found at our PROSPERO pre-registration (ID: CRD42016045754). If you have unpublished data that you think might be eligible for inclusion, please contact Dr. Palmer at