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Names in bold below are current or past members of the Sleep and Development Lab.

In press

Myers, A., Baran, B., Palmer, C. A., Mylonas, D., Rech, M., & Alfano, C. A. (in press). Sleep spindle activity is associated with state and trait-based emotion in healthy school-aged children. Sleep Medicine.

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Palmer, C. A., John-Henderson, N. A., Bawden, H., Massey, A., Powell, S. L., Hilton, A., & Carter, J. R. (in press). Sleep restriction reduces positive social emotions and desire to connect with others. SLEEP.

Palmer, C. A., Bahn, A., Deutchman, D., Bower, J. L., Weems, C. F., & Alfano, C. A.(in press). Sleep disturbances and delayed sleep timing are associated with greater post-traumatic stress symptoms following Hurricane Harvey. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.


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